Daniel Jourdan: Mother Russia

Des homosexuels américains ont consacré une chanson à la Russie. C’est bien sûr un peu caricatural, les unifomes ne sont pas russes, les danses sont clichés, sans parler de Vodka/Cigarette/Bortch, ou l’idée que la cathédrale Saint Basile le bienheureux est le Kremlin…    mais c’est quand même flatteur pour la Russie de voir une telle amitié internationale.

Welcome, from Russia we hail, but were are my manners? I am Dmitri
I am Mikhail
It is big time news on your television set
when it comes to a quality, our people Kholodno Niet!
Listen to the Kremlin
Take heart to its words
Since the birds and the bees
Not to birth with other birds
If you live on the rock with en-closely to the stands are
Gulag for its spreading
Homosexual propaganda!
All the Russia Anti-Gay
We live like this since the soviet say
All new people who swing the wrong way
Should Say in the cause and die for like display
Mother Russia Anti Gay
We will stand for the moral decay
To go interrupt it today
With all you can hear
Borch, Vodka, Cigarettes are
Staples in our diet
Russian men are so manly every day are pussy riot
Here is the real message from the mafia stay
By mail order bride so you can procreate
Pay no attention to the human rights
We are shining in the words of Hallow Stark
Winterly Season is coming
Listen to the slogan
and observe its logo
It is the Sotch winter games
Hello and welcome to two men luge on here, in beautiful Sotchi Russia
And what a start
It is textbook KGB grip
Keep grabbing puppies, we learn this at the academy
Why is he kissing his neck?
He uses the lips to transfer heat so the meat doesn’t get cold
Is it an other way to generate speed
Da obviously, what else could it be?
This is the mos ero-dynamic position they could be in it
It is simple physics
Wind resistance
Stay tuned, after the break we co to biathlon!
The gigs my partners we have nowhere left to hide
Let’s parade our rainbow as a symbol of pride
Don’t restrict my freedom because my lover is a bear
No kid give a crap of about our love affair
Tolerance is our mission and our voices will be called in
here and we are queer so quit Joseph Staline
We are changing our Dons so time for new optimism shov on
Upon Vladim Put in our fags in communism
Mother Russia is super gay
It is who we are and that is OK
It must be much to your distay
We will find it sexy in an ordinary day
Sister Russia is Super Gay
Our National sport is the ballet
Here is the change our DNA
it all up to you
and free we should stay

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